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14 products found.

Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Contax Real Time Winder$60.00014627Minor signs of past corrosion, been cleaned and tested
Zeiss 70-300mm f4-5.6 T* Vario-Sonnar Contax-N$200.0012682298Includes box, case and caps. AF motor a bit squeaky.
Yashica 135mm f2.8 DSB$25.00194681dented filter ring, light fungus
Soligor 70-210mm f3.5 for Yashica$75.0017824177
Kenko 2x teleconverter for Contax Yashica$60.005905079
Zeiss 40-80mm f3.5 Vario-Sonnar T*$335.005988786
Zeiss 40-80mm f3.5 Vario-Sonnar$350.006677019
Sigma 21-35mm f3.5-4.2 C/Y Mount$100.001011300
Tokina 500mm f8 Mirror Lens C/Y Mount$100.008302872
Zeiss 25mm f2.8 Distagon T* C/Y Mount$400.006590657
Contax Real Time Winder$150.00014526
Yashica 50mm f1.7 Y/C $75.00A20115792
Yashica 50mm f1.9 Y/C $45.00A4154386
Contax 159mm $150.00031149