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24 products found.

Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Holga 120FN Camera with Flash. Black and silver. $46.99295120New.
*Yellow Peace Super Fat Lens-35mm Camera.$30.003032New
Holga Glo 120N Solar Yellow$55.00309120Glows in the dark
Holga 120CFN with Tripod Mount and 4-Colored Flash Lenses$54.99HOLGACFN
Holga 120N: White$44.50785120
Holga 120PC Pinhole Camera$47.50166-120
Holga shutter release for 120 cameras$27.99SRS-120
Holga 120 fisheye lens adapter$24.99FEL-120
Holga 120N Rubberized Black$49.99320120
Holga Plastic Fisheye Lens with Viewer$55.00FEL120K
Holga 35mm conversion kit for Holga 120 cameras$12.99FA135-120
Holga Close Up lens set$10.99292-120
Holga Fisheye Lens with adapter for Fuji Instax 7s$23.99771120
Holga Glo 120N Neon Geen$55.00304120
Holga Glo 120N Poppin' Pink$55.00307120
Holga 120 3D Stereo Slide Mounts - pack of 6$5.99198120
Holga 120GCFN Red And White$75.50GCFNRW
Holga 120 GTLR Twin Lens Camera in Red$85.00H120GTLR
Holga 120-IB Fuji Instax Mini Back for Holga$45.00H120IB
Holga Polaroid Film Holder$80.00RJWHPB
*Black Slim Devil 35mm Wide Lens Camera$30.0030242
*Stenoflex Pinhole Camera in Black$49.99STENOBLK Purchase
*Stenoflex Pinhole Camera in Red$49.99STENORED Purchase
*Stenoflex Paper & Chemistry Refill$25.00STENORFL Purchase