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ServicesFilm Developing110 and 126 cartridges

Step One: Developing

110 and 126 color negative (C-41) film

Processed by machine - $5.75 per roll

110 and 126 black and white film

Processed by hand - $9.50 per roll

If your film cartridge says C-22 or Triple Print, click here for information on C-22 film processing.

110 and 126 are obsolete cartridge film formats that present special challenges. Usually, the film contained within is well out of date, and the cartridge format does not seal the film well against the elements. We will do our best to make suitable prints from degraded film, but unless you have relatively fresh film that has been recently exposed, you should expect to see a marked loss of color fidelity and contrast, and occasionally other anomalies such as streaks or spots. Sometimes the film is so badly aged that no images survive at all.

Please note that developing charges apply to all 110 and 126 films, even if the film is blank.

Once your film is developed, you have the option to stop at this point, and your film can be cut into strips or left uncut and long sleeved at no additional charge. 

Push developing costs an additional $2.00 per stop.

Step Two:

Optical proof prints present the best quality - your images are projected through a lens directly onto photo paper, providing a unique analog quality that's hard to find in the digital world. 

Digital scans are also available from these formats.