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Step One: Developing

35mm color negative film (C-41)

Processed by machine - $4.75 per roll

35mm black and white negative film

Processed by hand - $9.50 per roll

Once your film is developed, you have the option to stop at this point, and your film can either be cut into strips of 4 images each, or left uncut and long sleeved, at no additional charge. 

Paging in strips of five or six is an option, at a cost of $1.00 per roll.

Push processing costs an additional $2.00 per stop.

Click here for information on Kodachrome and C-22 color film processing.

Please note that developing charges apply to all 35mm black and white films processed by hand, even if the film is blank.

Cross processing slide film (E-6) in C-41 chemistry can be performed at no extra charge.


Step Two:

Optical proof prints present the best quality - your images are projected through a lens directly onto photo paper, providing a unique analog quality that's hard to find in the digital world. 

Contact sheets on RC paper can be made from black and white films for $9.00 per sheet.

Digital scans provide convenience while retaining many of the benefits of using film.