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ServicesDigital scans of previously developed film


If you would like scans of film which has already been developed, we can happily oblige.  We scan such images at our premium resolution. 

We charge a setup fee of $6.00, plus:

     • $1.25 per image for 35mm film (negative or slide, unmounted)

     • $2.00 per image for 35mm mounted slides

     • $3.25 per image for all other formats, including 35mm panoramic and 35mm square (Robot, Diana Mini)


Other Scan Services

Scans of existing prints, 8" x 10" and smaller


Scans of existing prints larger than 8" x 10"

Call for Quote

Digital restoration of scanned images

$45.00 per hour
(1/2 hour minimum)


Sheet Film Scanning


We are very pleased to offer high-quality flatbed scans of sheet film. We can handle black and white negative and slide, color negative, and color slide films.


Film Size Scan Resolution Pixel Dimensions Print Size (@300 dpi) Price
4x5" Standard 3200 x 4000 11x14" $8/sheet
Intermediate6000 x 8000 20 x 27" $10.50/sheet
Premium 9600 x 12000 32x 40" $15.50/sheet
5x7" Standard4000x 5600 14 x 19" $11/sheet
Intermediate 8000 x 1120027x38" $16/sheet
Premium 12000 x 16800 40x56" $21/sheet
8x10" Standard 6400 x 8000 22x 28" $11/sheet
Intermediate 12,800 x 16,000 43 x 54" $16/sheet
Premium 19,200 x 24,000 64x80" $21/sheet


Digital print prices can be found on our outlab services page.