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Minox Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still get MINOX

Yes, you can! And you've come to the right place to do so. As of 2015, Blue Moon Camera and Machine is a licensed manufacturer of film for MINOX 8x11 cameras. Our fresh Spy Film is professionally cut and fit into new MINOX cassettes, ready to be put into your MINOX camera. We have emulsions available in black and white and color, at 100 and 400 speeds. You can buy Spy Film in the store, over the phone, or on the Automat.


Does Spy Film come with a cassette? 

Our Spy Film comes already loaded in a brand new, hand-assembled, light-tight cassette and coffin. All you need to do is pop the cassette into your camera and you are ready to go!

Do you process MINOX film?

Yes - enthusiastically.  Blue Moon Camera and Machine is dedicated to processing and printing Minox subminiature films, both black & white and color, for the very, very long term.   Many of our staff carry and actively shoot Minox cameras, so it is certainly in our best interest to keep our work flow flowing.  As with all of our lab processes, your work is handled in the same manner as our own.

How much does processing cost?

Shooting with your Minox camera should not be a rarified or exotic experience.  We keep the subminiature print pricing schedule in line with that of our standard 35mm processing and printing.  To wit:

Black & White -- $9.50 to develop the film (by hand) and $0.70 per print

Color -- $5.75 to develop the film (by machine) and $0.70 per print

Unlike most of our services, the proofing of Minox film is limited to two options.  Our standard print is the unique and compelling presentation print.  Our exclusive proof looks like this:


This print has a perimeter of five inches by five inches and an image size of 2 and 1/4 inches by 3 and 1/4 inches.

Our latest print size is the only machine enlargement available and looks like this:


This print has a perimeter of five inches by seven inches and an image size of 3 1/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches.  These cost $1.10 per print if you have us print one of each at the time of development.  Reprints of 5x7s follow the pricing of our other formats, starting at $1.50 per print.

While we strongly recommend a nice matte finish, we do offer a high-gloss paper surface, though those seeking the glossy paper should allow a bit more time for the return of their prints.

Black and white film is printed on color paper in a lovely, old-fashioned warm tone style which looks like this:


Or this: 

Do I have any other enlargement options?

Any Minox print which requires a larger than normal print size, or requires special by-hand treatment, can be handled through our by-hand darkroom services.  Please refer to the by-hand section of our price schedule for the appropriate fees, and kindly allow a bit of extra time (generally about two weeks once the film has reached us) for turn around.

What kind of prints are these?

As with most of our printing services, Blue Moon Camera is proud to offer completely optical, non-digital printing from Minox negatives.  We feel that working with lenses and chemistry still provides the highest quality prints.  Even our machine proofs fall into this category.  Forty-five cents will provide you with a lovely print produced by light passing through a lens, massaged to perfection by a dedicated human printer.

That’s nice, but can you put my film on CD?

We can.  While we believe that our optical prints offer the most appealing product from a Minox negative, we recognize the occasional need for a digital copy.  Our Minox scan looks like this:

Minox sample scan courtesy of Jay Rochlin.  Click for full size.
Photo courtesy of Jay Rochlin.  Click for full size.

Please see our Digital Scanning page for scan pricing and other details.

How long does it take?

Our lab always strives to fulfill all orders within one week of receiving your film. If you will kindly allow two weeks for the film to travel door to door, you should be pleasantly surprised.  Remember, we may ask for up to a full extra week when fulfilling glossy proofing, custom darkroom orders, or multi-part orders (e.g. printing + scanning of the same roll of film).

How should I ship the film?  How much does the return freight cost?

It is imperative that Minox cassettes are handled very delicately, as they are just that:  delicate. Please do not expect successful shipping if you drop an exposed cassette in a regular envelope – they likely will be crushed at best, and be lost altogether at worst.  The cassette, in it’s factory-provided “coffin,” should be bubble wrapped and shipped in a rigid container for maximum protection.

Return shipping:  For most orders within the continental US, we utilize the USPS's Priority Mail service.  This generally costs $9.00 for most orders, and is safe and (more importantly) trackable.  This box (roughly 5x7 in size) will easily hold two or three completed rolls of processing, plus a couple of unexposed film cassettes should you need any shipped along.  International customers or those with large orders should kindly inquire for an accurate shipping quote.

Am I crazy?  Are these cameras any good?

You’re not crazy – quite the contrary, your interest in Minox cameras and their usage goes a long way to proving how discriminating a photographic consumer you really are.  The Minox cameras themselves, particularly those of the vintage variety, are the high watermark of twentieth century photographic industrial design.  Incredibly sharp optics installed into an elegant and reliable camera that is easily carried (or hidden) anywhere make for one of our favorite cameras ever, past or present.

The best photographer in the world is powerless without a camera.  The Minox system allows you to make sure that you never venture forth unarmed.