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Printable Processing Price Schedule

Please bear in mind that this is an abridged price schedule; there may be services we can perform that are not listed. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to send us an inquiry.


Printable Mail Order Form

The most important information to include are your name and your phone number.  Being able to contact you via phone allows us to settle any issues before we begin and keeps your film moving along in our queue.

We strongly encourage the use of a rigid box when sending us your film - these can be had for free using USPS's Priority Mail service.  We strongly discourage sending us film in an envelope - the machines in the post office tend to unintentionally remove film from non-padded envelopes. 

Return shipping is via USPS Priority Mail service. Postal prices can be volatile, so if you'd like an up-to-the-minute return shipping quote, feel free to call at 503.978.0333 or email at


My film has not yet been developed.

Print Film Processing

For C-41 color or black-and-white negative film which is still contained within a cassette, cartridge, or wrapped around a spool.  Click the link above for information on optical machine prints or digital scans ordered with film developing.

Slide Film Processing
We provide small-batch E-6 developing for 35mm, 120, 220, and 4" x 5" sheet film.

My film is already developed.

If you can look at your film and see negative images on it, you may wish to have Optical Reprints or Enlargements made by machine, or opt for Custom Darkroom Enlargements.

We also offer digital scans of film already developed, both from negatives and slides, as well as from prints for which negatives cannot be found. 


I need prints from a digital file.

Digital prints and enlargements are available as one of the many outlab services we offer.