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Greg Silver
Blue Moon Camera Customer Shows

The work you will find on this page was not submitted for competition. No forms were filled out, no submission fees were processed, there was no call for entries at all.  These pictures did not even exist yet - not until they were dropped off for processing and printing.  Furthermore, we do not set out looking for exhibition entries, show stoppers and prize winners.  They just happen.  We develop the film, we print the pictures, we quality-control the orders, just as we do thousands of times throughout the year.  All very routine.   

And then something occurs. 

Something makes us stop what we are doing. We're busy printing, sorting or spotting an order of photographs when an image will come into our hands that makes us stop.  We stop, and we feel compelled to share it with our peers. It may be especially creative, it may be a perfect execution of technique, it may be touching, profound, or just plain lovely.  And so we talk about a photograph, and we share it with each other, and sometimes we argue in defense of it.  When a majority of the staff comes to the conclusion that this photograph is extraordinary and ought to be shared, we enter it into our end-of-the-year anniversary show.

Maybe the image was an incidental snapshot taken by a six-year-old of his father and baby brother with a disposable camera. Perhaps the photograph was taken by a twenty-something art student with his home-made Holga half-frame. The print may belong to a seasoned veteran of the photographic arts who has simply captured yet another beautiful landscape with her Leica.

These are the folks that inspire us. These are our customers. At the close of the year we celebrate our anniversary with a show comprised completely of these unsubmitted, often unrecognized images.  It is our hearty salute to the incidental art that happens to us all when we pick up our cameras.

For more information, please refer to our Customer Show FAQ page, or call us at 503.978.0333.