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Bus Directions

Sit back, relax, let someone else do the driving.

There are many ways to get to Blue Moon Camera and Machine using TriMet.  You can catch up on your reading, watch the city fly by, or practice your street photography.

Technically, five buses service the St. Johns neighborhood, but only three of those are efficient and travel frequently enough to make them worth mentioning. All of these buses run at least every half-hour and stop within a block of our door. Here they are:

The Seventeen (17) If you can catch this one, it's the fastest option from downtown. It runs every half hour or so (but be careful, some of the buses turn around before St. Johns--so look for the ones that say "St. Helens via St. Johns" or ask the driver to be sure). This bus takes you over the historic St. Johns Bridge.

TriMet's Line 17

The Forty-Four (44) Catch a glimpse of the city from on high on this close-in NE travelling line. The 44 starts downtown and heads over the steel bridge. It travels along N. Williams Avenue before turning onto Rosa Parks (formerly Portland) Boulevard and finally onto Willamette Boulevard. This stretch takes you along Mock's Crest or the Willamette Bluffs which overlook Swan Island and Downtown Portland.

TriMet's Line 44

The Seventy-Five (75) Catch this bus for a transfer-less ride from the Hawthorne Neighborhood, Hollywood, Reed College or Milwaukie. This bus cruises up SE 39th Street and NE 42nd Street passing through many of the major neighborhoods in those quadrants. Then it travels along N Lombard Street all the way to St. Johns. The 75 is a "frequent service line" - buses come every 15 minutes or better.

TriMet's Line 75

For specific guidance in taking the bus to vist us. Try TriMet's Trip Planner.

Happy Riding!

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