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14 products found.

Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Beseler Topcon B$80.00150370AS IS - 1/1000 sec. shutter speed bad
Novoflex 400mm f5.6 Novoflexar$200.0059438Possibly Topcon mount but untried
Topcon R$90.00156683Shutter speeds 1/2 to 1 stop slow; With half-case;
Topcon R III Automatic$80.00311410AS IS 1/1000 sec. shutter speed bad
Topcor 10cm f2.8 Auto$70.00320771
Topcor 2.5cm f3.5 RE Auto$200.00932203Some dust and haze; Topcor UV Filter included;
Topcor 3.5cm f2.8 RE Auto$40.007404064Bargain - Separation, dust
Topcor 5.8cm f1.8 Auto$50.00286604Good - Light haze
Topcor 5.8cm f1.8 F-Auto$40.00620208Bargain - stiff focus, haze/separation
Topcor 5.8cm f3.5 Macro$200.001010335Focus helicoid
Topcor 58mm f3.5 RE Macro Auto$400.0013705828Excellent condition
Topcor Kogaku 135mm f3.5$60.007600603
Vivitar 2x Exakta Topcon mount $25.00CRW2X
Vivitar 2x Teleconverter Exakta Topcon mount $10.002XCRW