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22 products found.

Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm f4 Flektogon for Pentax 645$200.008416402
Hartblei 105mm f3.5 MC PCS Shift Lens for Pentax 645$500.000124
Kenko 2x AP67 Teleconverter$40.005810021
Kenko 2x AP67 Teleplus MC6$50.005901048Teleconverter for Pentax 6x7
Pentax 100mm f4 Macro 6x7$575.008750526
Pentax 120mm f4 Macro 645$300.004136224
Pentax 135mm f4 Macro 6x7$175.008515783
Pentax 150mm f2.8 6x7$175.008220225
Pentax 150mm f2.8 6x7$150.006254457
Pentax 165mm f2.8 6x7 $250.008518657
Pentax 300mm f4 A* ED IF for 645$500.004036766
Pentax 58mm Reverse Ring Adapter 645 $175.00JSS58REV
Pentax 67 Case $125.00RRP67C
Pentax 67 Extension Tube Set 2 and 3$50.00RHLPET2
Pentax 67 Extension Tubes 2 and 3$50.00RHLPET1
Pentax 6x7 2x Teleconverter Class II$115.00123with case
Pentax 75mm f2.8 A for 645$200.004118219
Pentax Auto Extension Tube 67$75.00RRP67AET
Pentax Helicoid Extension Tube 645 $120.00JSSEXT
Pentax Helicoid Extension Tube 67 $100.00RRPPHET
Pentax Rear Converter 2X 67 $100.004051695
Pentax Rear Converter A 645 $75.0085102