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28 products found.

Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Hasselblad 500c/m w/a12 Magazine $750.00UUC197302
Hasselblad 63 Polarizer$60.00RLC63P1
Hasselblad A12 film back$275.00RC3275944Clean with matching insert
Hasselblad A12 film back$275.00RI3258839Clean with matching insert
Hasselblad A16 film back$180.00RI329828Clean with matching insert
Hasselblad Bay 60 100-250 Shade$50.00GXKBAYSHADE
Hasselblad Compendium 38-250$50.00GXK40231
Hasselblad Compendium Lens Shade$40.00HCS
Hasselblad Cut Film Holder$100.00GXKCFH
Hasselblad D-flash 40 $150.0080100275
Hasselblad frame viewfinder 40215$20.00JTHSFwith original box
Hasselblad Lens Mount Adapter 40037$160.00ERSLMAlike new, ready to be drilled for any lens
Hasselblad NC-2 Prism$75.00CTAHNC2Heavy cosmetic wear
Hasselblad pistol grip$65.00HPG
Hasselblad Pistol Grip$50.00WWTHPG
Hasselblad Pistol Grip Old Style$60.00HPG
Hasselblad PME 3 Prism$300.0041ES10255
Hasselblad Sheet Film Holder 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 $50.00KJBHSFH
Hasselblad Waist Level Finder$50.00WWSHWLFRough shape
Zeiss 120mm f4 CF T* for Hasselblad$700.006991736
Zeiss 120mm f5.6 Planar C$300.004872454
Zeiss 135mm f5.6 S Planar C $500.004533839With bellows and dual cable release Refurb
Zeiss 150mm f4 Sonnar T* CF$375.006960711
Zeiss 180mm f4 Sonnar T* CF$750.007287808With caps, case and Hasselblad UV-Sky filter
Zeiss 250mm f5.6 T* Sonnar CF $350.007040891
Zeiss 500mm f8 CF$2,900.006777138with case, filter, hood and caps
Zeiss 50mm f4 Distagon T* FLE CF$900.007263182Includes caps, soft case and Hasselblad HZ-0 filter
Zeiss 50mm f4 T* Distagon CF $500.006667716