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57 products found.

Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Bausch & Lomb Brass Barrel Lens$125.00BLBBShutter is touchy due to age but working
Bausch & Lomb Brass Barrel Lens in Victor Shutter$100.00BLBB2Shutter speeds all the same except B and T
Bausch and Lomb 6 3/8 inch f12.5 Tessar $75.003250362
Baush & Lomb 8 1/4 inch f4.5 lens with +3 magnifier$50.00SMRBL
Caltar II-n 240mm f5.6$450.0010594268
Carl Zeiss Jena 45cm f9 Apo-Tessar$225.00980122
Carl Zeiss Jena Protalinse 285mm f7.2$350.0086258Mounted in 4" square lensboard
Conley 8.75 inch f6 Safety Lens$225.005996Optics somewhat dirty and hazy - shutter inoperable
Cooke 7.8" f6.5 Anastigmatic in Ilex shutter$80.0027614Shutter speeds inconsistent
Goerz 16.3cm f6.8$225.00434612good- nice shutter clean optics
Goerz 75mm f4.5 Aerogor Type I$600.00798264Scuff in front optic
Goerz 7in f6.8 Dagor$325.00227151
Goerz 8.25" F9 Apochromat Artar$600.00810173
Goerz 9.5in f6.8 Dagor - busted shutter$100.00229065glass OK; very old compound only works in B
Gorez 10.75in f6.8 Dagor $150.00223714Shutter erratic / hazy optic
Graflex 101mm f4.5 Graflar $90.002201669Dent in filter ring
Graflex 101mm f4.5 Graflar $100.002203806
Gundlach 5x8 f6.7 Turner-Reich Anastigmat$150.00203066As Is - Optics Clean But Shutter Not Functioning
Ilex 10in (250mm) f4.5 Paragon$350.0048450Good- Shutter a bit fast
Ilex 163mm f4.5 Paragon Series S$175.0051120
Ilex 5.5in f4.5 Paragon Anastigmat$140.005763
Kodak 5.5" f4.5 Anastigmat$120.0031-2556
Kodak 5.5in f4.5 Antistigmat in Compur Shutter$125.0031-2690
Kodak Wide Field Ektar 190mm f6.3$475.00RR245
Meyer-Gorlitz 120mm f9 lens in a Synchro-Compur shutter$150.00549660
Rodenstock 180mm f5.6 APO Sironar - S $700.0011574840
Rodenstock 210mm f4.5 Ysaron $100.004381245 Barrel lens
Rodenstock 210mm f5.6 APO Sironar -S $1,400.0011558979
Rodenstock 250mm f5.8 Imagon A$300.003011720With drop-in aperture discs
Rodenstock 480mm f9 Apo-Ronar$350.0010232002Process lens - no shutter
Rodenstock APO-Ronar 360mm f9$250.005181413
Schneider 121mm f8 Super-Angulon Technika$575.007174226
Schneider 12cm f4.5 Componar$75.001401630
Schneider 13.5cm f4.5 Xenar$30.001827567Hazy Rear Optic
Schneider 13.5cm f4.5 Zecanar$50.00192332faulty shutter : bulb only
Schneider 135mm f4.7 Xenar $150.002735889
Schneider 150mm f4,5 Xenar $120.005634175Slow shutter speeds slow AS IS
Schneider 210mm f4.5 Xenar$175.0011236011
Schneider 210mm f5.6$100.007191141No shutter
Schneider 210mm f5.6 Symmar - S $250.0013213451
Schneider 240mm f5.6 Componon Barrel Lens $150.006724233
Schneider 300/500mm f5.6/12 Symmar in Compound$400.008000184
Schneider 300mm/500mm f5.6/f12 Technika Symmar$400.007584098
Schneider 360/620mm f5.6/12 Symmar Convertible lens$475.0011604534Shutter Speeds Off - As Is
Schneider 47mm f8 Super-Angulon$400.008964656
Schneider 65mm f6.8 Angulon$225.003140471
Schneider 65mm f8 Super Angulon $200.0011429947CLA
Schneider 9cm f6.8 Angulon$50.001814848
Tominon Macro Lens Set w 135mm f4.5 75mm f4.5$300.00JHCTMS w/ 50mm f4,.5 17mm f4.5 lenses
Voigtlander 25cm f7 Euryscope IVa$450.0086404
Wollensak 10.25" f10 Apochromatic Raptar enlarging lens$125.00B12487
Wollensak 3 1/2 Inch f12.5 Series IIIa $150.0014956
Wollensak 3.5in f4.5 for 4x5 LFL$200.0015102
Wollensak 90mm f6.8 Raptar Wide Angle$225.00998647
Zeiss 13.5cm f4.5 Tessar $75.00937324
Zeiss 21cm f6.3 Tessar $200.002734053
Zeiss Jena 29cm f7.2 Protarlinse VII$390.00197879