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Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Graphic Lens Board Custom Brass for Copal 0$125.00DEANBRASS0Fits later model Crown and Speed Graphic cameras
Custom Brass Lens Board for Graflex Speed and Crown Graphic $125.00DEANBRASS1Cut for Copal 1 shutter. Engraved with Blue Moon coordinates
*Graflex Graphic Lens Board Copal 3$60.00DEANCOPAL3Custom Made - very nice
Wet Plate Film Holder - 5x7$55.00BMC5X7WPConverted from old sheet film holder
Wet Plate Film Holder - 4x5$45.00BMC4X5WPConverted from old sheet film holder
*4.25" Clear Acrylic Viewing Loupe$30.004.25"JACKALOUPE
3" Clear Acrylic Viewing Loupe$25.003INCHLOUPE