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Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Blue Moon Camera Exposure Notebook$3.00SCOUTBOOKPocket blank book with sunny 16 and exposure rules
*BMC 12" Cable Release with Autolock$23.95DL-1497P
*BMC 15ft PC Male to PC Female Coil Flash Cord$9.99NP10002
BMC 17"x17" Changing Bag$29.99DL-0189P
*BMC 17"x17" Changing Bag $26.99NP10101
*BMC 1ft PC Male to PC Female Flash Leads$7.95NP6968
BMC 27"x30" Changing Bag$34.99DL-0188P
*BMC 37-49mm Step-Up Ring$7.95DL-S3749P
*BMC 40" Cable Release with Autolock$27.95DL-1499P
*BMC 43-49mm Step-Up Ring $7.95DL-S4649
BMC 49-46mm Step-Down Ring$7.00NP4946
*BMC 49-52mm Step-Up Ring$7.95DL-S4952
*BMC 49-55mm Step-Up Ring$7.00NP4955
*BMC 49-62mm Step-Up Ring$8.95DL-S4962
BMC 49mm Minolta-MD Bayonet Reverse Adapter$14.00NPRAMN
*BMC 49mm Rubber Lens Hood$5.95DL-0464P
*BMC 49mm Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood$8.95DL-0481P
BMC 49mm-Series 7 Adapter Ring$9.25NP497
*BMC 52-49mm Step-Down Ring$7.00NP52-49
*BMC 52-55mm Step-Up Ring$7.95DL-S5255
BMC 52-62mm Step-Up Ring$9.95DL-S5262
*BMC 52-67mm Step-Up Ring$11.95DL-S5267
*BMC 52mm Rubber Lens Hood$5.95DL-0466P
*BMC 52mm Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood$8.95DL-0482P
BMC 55-49mm Step-Down Ring$7.95DL-S5549
*BMC 55-58mm Step-Up Ring$7.95DL-S5558
*BMC 55mm Rubber Lens Hood$6.95DL-0468P
BMC 55mm Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood $8.95DL-0483P
*BMC 58-67mm Step-Up Ring$11.95DL-S5867
*BMC 58mm Rubber Lens Hood$6.95DL-0470P
*BMC 58mm Wide-Angle Hood$11.95DL-0488P
*BMC 5ft PC Male to PC Female Coil Flash Cord$7.95NP10004
*BMC 62-52mm Step-Down Ring$8.95DL-S6252
BMC 62-55mm Step-Down Ring$10.45DL-S6255
BMC 62-67mm Step-Up Ring$11.95DL-S6267
*BMC 62-72mm Step-Up Ring$14.10NP6272
*BMC 62-72mm Step-Up Ring$12.95DL-S6272
BMC 62-77mm Step-Up Ring$12.95DL-S6277
BMC 62mm Rubber Lens Hood$7.95DL-0472P
BMC 67-72mm Step-Up Ring$11.95DL-S6772
BMC 67mm Rubber Lens Hood$7.95DL-0474P
BMC 67mm Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood$12.95DL-0491P
*BMC 72-62mm Step-Down Ring$13.95DL-S7262
*BMC 72-77mm Step-Up Ring$13.95DL-S7277
*BMC 72mm Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood$12.95DL-0487P
BMC 77-72mm Step-Down Ring$15.95DL-S7772
*BMC 77-82mm Step-Up Ring$15.95DL-S7782
BMC 77mm Rubber Lens Hood$7.95DL-0477P
BMC 77mm Wide Angle Rubber Lens Hood$13.95DL-0494P
BMC 82-77mm Step-Down Ring$15.95DL-S8277
*BMC 8x Agfa-Style Loupe$11.50DL-6001P
*BMC Anti-Static Cloth$10.95DL-0413P
*BMC Bamboo Print Tongs BMC Bamboo Print Tongs with Rubber $6.95DL-0301P
BMC Body Cap for Canon EOS$7.95DL-1539P
BMC Body Cap for Canon FD$4.95DL-1532P
BMC Body Cap for Hasselblad$13.95DL-1533P
BMC Body Cap for Minolta MD$4.95DL-1535P
*BMC Body Cap for Nikon AF$4.95DL-1538P
*BMC Body Cap for Nikon F$4.95DL-1536P
BMC Body Cap for Olympus OM$4.95DL-1537P
BMC Body Cap for Pentax K$4.95DL-1534P
BMC Body Cap for Sony Alpha/Minolta Maxxum$6.95DL-1553P
*BMC Canon FD to EOS Lens Mount Adapter$100.00DL-0630P
*BMC Cotton Film Gloves 12 Pairs$12.25DL-0651BK
*BMC Digital Wrist Strap$8.95DL-0236P
*BMC Double Bubble Level with Flash Foot$29.99DL-5411P
*BMC Electronic Flash Slave$39.65NP785101
*BMC Folding L Flash Bracket$23.95DL-0307P
*BMC Hot Shoe to PC Adapter$15.95DL-0423P
*BMC Large Deluxe Blower $11.95DL-0407P
*BMC Lens Cap Holder$1.95DL-0303P
*BMC Lens Wrench 49-58mm Pair$5.95DL-0398P
BMC Lintless Darkroom Gloves 12 Pair$13.99NP10141
BMC M42 to Nikon F Lens Adapter$19.75DL-0624P
BMC M42 to Pentax K Mount Adapter$20.95DL-0620P
*BMC Micro-Fibre Cloth 2 Pack$3.95DL-6312/2P
*BMC Mini Red Safelight$14.50NP11178
*BMC Multi PC Adapter-3 Out$16.95DL-0691P
*BMC Optic Cleaner$16.99HA-5902P
*BMC Pentax Screw Mount to Canon EOS Adapter$21.99DL-0622
BMC Pentax Screw Mount to Olympus 4/3 Adapter$29.95DL-0629
BMC Pentax Screw Mount to Sony/Maxxum Adapter$21.95DL-0625P
*BMC Plastic Print Tongs with Rubber Tips 2-Pack$7.95DL-0442P
*BMC Plastic Print Tongs with Rubber Tips 2-Pack$7.70NP301PT
BMC Rear Lens Cap for Canon FD$5.95DL-1542
*BMC Rear Lens Cap for Olympus-OM$5.50NP11127
BMC Rear Lens Cap Hasselblad$12.75DL-1558P
*BMC Red Tapestry Strap$11.95DL-0212RP
*BMC Replacement Tank Lid with Cap for SS Tanks$6.99NP11117
BMC Silica Gel 2-Pack$7.95DL-0419P
*BMC Slave with Hot Shoe$23.95DL-0129P
*BMC Small Blower Brush$3.95DL-1770P
*BMC Soft Shutter Release with Spirit Level$9.95NPBUNLVL
*BMC Standard to Hot Shoe with PC Cord$17.95DL-0136P
BMC Step-Down Ring 77-67mm$15.95DL-S7767P
*BMC Step-Up Ring 27-46mm$7.95DL-S2746
*BMC step-up ring 49-55mm$7.00DL-S4955
*BMC Step-Up Ring 49-58mm$7.95DL-S4958P
*BMC Step-Up Ring 55-72mm$13.95DL-S5572P
*BMC step-up ring 67-77mm$12.00DL-S6777
BMC Straight Flash Bracket$11.95DL-0409P
BMC T-Mount Adapter for Yashica-Contax$18.95NPTAYC
*BMC T-Mount for Canon FD $19.95DL-0878P
BMC T-Mount for Olympus 4/3$27.95DL-0882P
BMC T-Mount for Olympus OM$20.95DL-0879P
BMC T-Mount for Sony Alpha and Minolta Maxxum$23.95DL-0872P
*BMC Tabletop Tripod w/Ball Head$9.95DL-0915P
*Canon FD to EF mount adapter$174.99HA-30845P
Cap for Stainless Steel Tank$3.50NP11116
*Kaiser PC to Leica Flash Adapter$15.00012 201313
*Kalt 37-49mm Step-Up Ring$7.00NP37-49
*Kalt 46-49mm Step-Up Ring$7.00NP4649
*Kalt 49-52mm Step-Up Ring$7.99NP4952
*Kalt 52-55mm Step-Up Ring$7.00NP5255
*Kalt Step-Down Ring 67mm to 62mm$10.45NP6762
nla - BMC 58-62mm Step-Up Ring$7.99DL-S5862P
NLA - BMC Silver Polyester Tape 1/4" x 72 yards$17.65NP17020
Plastic Film Cassettes 100 Pack$199.99NP11137
*Step-Up Ring 28mm to 37mm$7.00NP2837
*Step-Up Ring 49-67mm$11.70NP4967
*T Mount to Nikon F adapter$23.95DL-0877P