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37 products found.

Products marked with * are currently out of stock, but we may be able to order them. Please inquire for availability.
Item Name Price Item Number Notes Inquire
Blue Moon Journal 8417 Vol. 1, 2015$9.00BMJ2015
Diffusion Magazine Volume IV 2012$15.00DIFFUSIONV4
Diffusion magazine, Volume II, 2010$12.00DIFFUSIONV2Unconventional photography at its best
Diffusion Vol 8 - Leminscate of Diffusion$20.00D8
Don't Take Pictures - Issue 8 - Spring 2017$18.008DTP
Don't Take Pictures, Issue 9 - Fall 2017$18.00DTP9
Don't Take Picutes - Issue 7 - Fall 2016$15.007DTP
Don't Take Picutres - issue 6 - Spring 2016$15.006DTP
Incandescent - A Color Film Magazine - Issue 11$14.00I11
La-La Land by Bob Gervais$25.00GERVAIS2
*Lenswork #118 May-June 2015$12.95LW118
Lenswork Magazine No. 104 Jan-Feb 2013$12.95LW104
Lenswork No. 100 May - June 2012$12.95LW100
Lenswork No. 101 Jul - Aug 2012$12.95LW101 Purchase
Lenswork No. 103 Nov-Dec 2012$12.95LW103David D'Angelo, Beate Sass, Olivier Du Tre, Timothy Schacker
Lenswork No. 117 Mar - Apr 2015$12.95LW117
Lenswork No. 119 July-Aug 2015$12.00LW119
Lenswork No. 121 Nov-Dec 2015$12.95LW121
LensWork No. 122 Jan-Feb 2016$12.95LW122
Lenswork No. 123 Mar-Apr 2016$12.95LW123
LENSWORK NO. 125 JUL-AUG 2016$12.95LW125
LENSWORK NO. 126 SEP-OCT 2016$12.95LW126
LensWork No. 127 Nov-Dec 2016$12.00LW127
Lenswork No. 129 April 2017$12.95LW129
LensWork No. 130 June 2017$12.95LW130
Lenswork No. 133 December 2017$12.95LW133
Lenswork No. 134 February 2018$12.95134LW
Lenswork No. 96 Sep-Oct 2011$12.95LW96
Lenswork No.111 Mar-Apr 2014$12.95LW111
*LensWork No.116 Jan-Feb 2015$12.95LW116
Lenswork No.131 August 2017$12.95LW131
Lenswork No.132 October 2017$12.95LW132
Lenswork No.95 July-August 2011$12.95LW95
Lenswork No.98 Jan-Feb 2012$12.95LW98
Lenswork No.99 Mar-Apr 2012$12.95LW99
She Shoots Film - Issue No. 2 "Mother"$20.00SSF2
View Camera Nov-Dec 2014$7.95VOL27NO6