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Sample Prints

Below are sample prints and dimensions from each negative size we handle. Samples may not appear actual size on your display.  Photo credits follow at the bottom of the page.


Minox Print:


Minox Enlargement:





35mm 5x6 (Blue Moon Salon Print):


35mm 5x6 sloppy border print:


35mm Half-Frame:


35mm Panoramic:





127 (8 shot configuration):



127 (12 shot configuration):



127 (16 shot configuration):



From 120, 220, and 620:

6 cm x 4.5 cm:



6 cm x 6 cm:


Diana 6 cm x 6 cm:


6 cm x 7 cm:



6 cm x 9 cm:


Photograph credits:

Minox, Diana courtesy of Nancy Guidry

35mm half-frame, 35mm panoramic, 6x9 courtesy of Faulkner Short

110 sample courtesey of Drew Hastings

Blue Moon Salon Print courtesy of John Bodaly

127 (8) courtesy of Oliver Ogden

127 (12) courtesy of Adam Goldthwaite

127 (16) courtesy of Francis Lombardi

35mm sloppy border, 6x4.5, 6x7 courtesy of Zeb Andrews

126, 6x6 courtesy of Sean McFadden